EPA Finalizes ONE Future Program

August 4, 2016

EPA is pleased to announce that the ONE Future Emissions Intensity (ONE Future) Commitment Option final program materials have been posted to the EPA’ Methane Challenge website https://www.epa.gov/natural-gas-star-program/natural-gas-star-methane-challenge-program

The ONE Future Commitment Option provides companies interested in joining Methane Challenge with another way to reduce methane emissions from their operations, in addition to the existing Best Management Practice Commitment. The ONE Future Commitment is intended to drive action to achieve segment-specific intensity targets, established through the ONE Future Coalition. ONE Future’s overall goal is to achieve a methane “leakage rate” (defined as emissions per volume produced or volume of throughput) of 1% or less along the natural gas value chain by 2025.

We expect to launch the ONE Future Commitment with founding partners in the near future. If you have questions about the ONE Future Commitment, or wish to discuss other aspects of the Program, please do not hesitate to contact Carey Bylin (202-343-9669 or bylin.carey@epa.gov) or Justin Pryor (202-343-9258 or pryor.justin@epa.gov).